Or only for a certain franchisee? What did they do differently on social compare to the other franchisees? Getting effective performance data is important for all businesses. But especially for franchisors managing teams of franchisees. Using social media for customer service effectively providing customer service over social media is no longer optional: of your customers now expect you to help them on their preferre social platform. Over half are more likely to buy from brands who offer customer service via chat. And. Unsurprisingly. Of people say positive customer service makes them more likely to buy from you again. You better hurry. Too: expect a response within an hour and expect one within hours.

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So what does all that mean? If youre not already solving customer problems on social media. Start now. Dont worry: i cover how to effortlessly get starte with social customer service later. Reuce response time and your workload manage all your messages stress-free with easy routing. Save replies. And friendly chatbots. Try hootsuites inbox today. Book a demo adjusting content b2b email list to fit diverse cultures whether your franchisees are spread across your state. Country. Or the entire world. Its likely that different styles of content will perform differently across each region. Your social media content nees to respect differences in culture.

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Attitudes laws and more to resonate with as many people as possible. Localization is also about more than geography. Creating multilingual content can establish you as the brand of choice for millions: out of customers would switch to a brand offering service in their native language. Strategies for successful franchise social media marketing . Set goals for the brand and for Email Lead individual branches every blog post about social media marketing since the dial-up days spouts the importance of setting goals and kpis to measure the success of your efforts. So i dont nee to. But heres how to set social media goals that actually boost roi. Plus a free template to track it all. Franchisors.