Authenticity and irony

After the film Simona Ventura interviewed the influencer, recording the meeting at MAXXI. The National Museum of XXI Century Arts, which is based in Rome. In addition to telling the story Afghanistan Phone Number List of the most famous digital entrepreneur in the world, the interview revealed the most intimate side of Chiara Ferragni. That of a former simple child who has been able to transform her weaknesses into strengths over time and who, less ten years. Has changed the world of fashion and the media.

Other than brand other than luxury

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After this event, the secret of Chiara’s success seems to be self- irony . To defend herself from constant attacks. The queen of the web has slowly learned to laugh at herself, pulverizing envy and superficiality. Perhaps someone will remember the image that Chiara had spread two years ago on Instagram, eating pizza with her younger sister. The photo showed the girls enjoying two slices of pizza, while two untouched pizzas appeared on the table at the same time. The censors of the Internet were immediately unleashed, but Chiara had answered everyone with a smile: “Ferragni sisters love pizza (and our pizzas never end)”.  

Those who want to become an influencer, therefore, need a beastly Email Lead physique to withstand the shocks that the profession entails. But you also need brains and hearts. And Ferragni, even here, can teach. His social commitment, on the occasion of the Coronavirus emergency and beyond. Is now known and recognized by all. Beauty makes life better, but a life worth living needs action.