In times of great competition in digital marketing, paid media has become a strong strategy to enhance content marketing work – Inbound Marketing . This type of investment aims to differentiate a brand and highlight it through pay per click, exposure or specific points. The universe of paid media is very broad and therefore we will bring a good summary of the subject. Of course, throughout our publications we will bring more tips and formats, all of which are used by the Bowie Agency with its clients with a focus on fast performance and the bottom of the funnel. (Ah, you still don’t know the “funnel” well? Just click here! ) So, ready to better understand the concept of paid media and its advantages when combined with content marketing? Check out: What is paid media? Paid media, as the name implies, are advertising and brand exposure strategies created and executed in exchange for a payment.

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To put the company in the spotlight, increasing visibility and accelerating its recognition before the public. Dashed dots indicate paid media (Google ) in a simple search result. In addition to the search platform, social networks and portals also bet on “ads” A few years ago, this type of exposure was considered very expensive, as it involved – for the most part – less segmented media such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers. With Canadian Healthcare and Medical Email List the arrival and popularization of the internet, every business can invest in media, from small businesses with limited Google  (image) to more elaborate projects, with platforms, events and actions that create a cross between the online and offline worlds. Paid media, content marketing and other great initiatives to sell more on the internet! In this exclusive.

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Through their platforms Youtube, Google Search, Maps, Waze, Instagram and Facebook itself – one of the largest social networks in the world – are betting on tailor-made forms of advertising, even with little available capital. In this Bowie Agency article you can find out a little more about “Marketing actions to sell more” What are Email Lead the advantages of paid media? There are several, but to be worthwhile they must be manage by specialize professionals. Advertising for the sake of advertising (and on its own) will certainly be the “cheap that comes out expensive”. These are the main advantages of paid media – in particular, associated . With content: Different formats and platforms Paid media has a range of formats for those who want to advertise. From the “broader” strategies (disseminating to thousands of people.