To face with the user, or indirect if he himself is allow. To interact on his own without the intervention of a external agent. Internal checks they are carri out “in person”, which allows us to ask the user everything we want to know. In this way we will not only know what actions it performs. We will also know why. External checks they allow us to know what actions. A user carries out, but not the reasons why. They are being Carri out A B test they consist of making.

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Two exactly the same designs in which. You only modify what photo editing servies you want to check for example. The download button in green or blue and verify which of. The two options has generate better results. Heat Maps They are maps which represent, by means of colors, the places where our users direct their gaze for the longest and the least. Generally the colors us go from r, to represent those areas where users look for a longer time, to blue. To represent those that do not capture their attention. Going through orange for fields that have moderate attention.

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Yellow for those that they do it with. A maim attention and green Email Lead for those to whom. The user pays low attention. Click maps they are us to check where on our page or on what options our users tend to click. This will allow us to know, for example. Where we should locate the button that leads our users to perform. The action that most benefits us. . UI USER INTERFACE The acronym UI comes from the English concept User Interface. It focuses on everything relate to what. Our user sees on the screen rather than the experience.