It uses tools such as social networks, email marketing, websites and apps. It allows companies to get closer to their audiences and be more present in their lives. How to do Digital Marketing? The first step to increasing your sales is to see Digital Marketing as a generator of opportunities. Next, it is important to plan, analyze, define objectives that can be achiev and, above all, know your target audience well. This is the process we use to help our clients generate more results! What does a Digital Marketing professional do? He is responsible for carrying out marketing actions on digital platforms, which can be: generating opportunities, promoting the brand, generating sales, etc.

What are the types of Digital Marketing

What are the types of Digital Marketing? There are several strategies that make up . Digital Marketing, including: inbound marketing . ontent marketing, email marketing. Social networks and countless others. What does Digital Marketing do? Through tools such as social networks, landing pages, email marketing and websites. It allows companies to get closer to their audiences and find new customers. What is the concept of Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the sum of communication actions that companies special data can use through the Internet, cell phones and other digital means, to publicize and market their products and services, gaining new customers and improving their relationship network.

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Philips success story For the 2010 World Cup. Philips launch the Guess Champion promotion where.  When purchasing any Philips TV. The person had the right to register guesses. By arranging the order of the top four, by putting together a video on the website, the winner would win up to R$500,000.00. In partnership with other agencies, our mission in this project was to Email Lead create a digital environment to support the high demand of visitors to the website. All data storage and query programming.