Email Leadment in the 9th century and at the beginning of the 10th century was the first suburban center on the territory of modern Novgorod the Great. However, in the annals of Nikon, an uprising of the inhabitants of this center, dissatisfiwith  the rule of Rurik, is mention.I think not much, since a lot of historical evidence speaks of more complex reasons for inviting the Varangians to Rus’ than a simple inability to self-govern. This is how the East Slavic chronicler of the twelfth century wrote about the birth of Novgorod the Great (hence – Rus’):

The above quotes date back to the beginning of the 12th century and are found in the Tale of Bygone Years, which is traditionally attribut to the monk Nestor. This historical document has already been analy many times from different angles.

It is possible that Rurik really existed

But it was on the basis of the Tale of Bygone. Years that various, sometimes mutually exclusive judgments were formulat, ranging from  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accepting this story as a reliable description of real events and ending with a complete denial of its value as a historical source.

Rugi – Scandinavians of the Ladoga coast

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It is not our task to further study this issue. By quoting the source, we onlyto let the reader understand what the modern historian has in the field. Of written sources in the context of the birth of Veliky Novgorod, and try (with reference to a specific text) to imagine how modern science imagines the issue of interest to us.

Let’s take the existence of Rurik as a fact. However, archaeological research shows that this. Did not happen in the year 862 indicated by Nestor, but probably several years earlier, somewhere in the  Email Lead middle of the sixth decade of the 9th century.