he podcast is an innovative way of producing content with sound. Unlike videos, which are both visual and auditory, the podcast format is auditory only. It is one of the favorites of the moment, as you can consume the content while doing other tasks. The news is that Spotify has released some of the most famous podcasts for everyone to listen to for free! The platform has more than 35 million songs worldwide, being the largest music streaming service and with different styles. In addition to the paid service, Spotify also has a free version, but with advertisements every 30 minutes. What Spotify has started to offer The streaming service decided to innovate and add podcasts to the platform, with quality content on Education, Music, Lifestyle and Health, Games, Business and Technology, News and Politics, Humor, Art and Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, Children and Family, plus several others.

Spotify podcasts are available

To both premium and free subscribers. But then we stop to think: why did Spotify decide to invest in podcasts ? This is due to the consumption of podcasts, which has been increasing very quickly in recent years. This is the first time the platform has run a campaign just for this segment. Bowie has separated the most listened and sought after podcasts, which are now available on Spotify: 1) NERDCAST (Young Nerd) With more than 10 years of history in this world, the biggest podcast in Brazil, Nerd and Spotify, co-created a new content called Ponto , which will be released soon. The subjects of Alexandre “ Nerd” and programs are history, science, cinema, comics, literature, technology, games and RPG. Are you looking forward to the new model? 2) Crooked Talk With irreverence and content, PC Siqueira, Gus and Julio Pacheco comment on recent events, movies, games and music as ideologies, existential questions, and of course, answer questions from listeners.

They always move from philosophy

To memories about old toys effortlessly, with naturalness being a key point for both audio and video content. 3) Nipples – Open chest journalism This one is for journalism fans who love to follow the world in a different way. Open chest journalism is a weekly podcast, which searches social networks for the most controversial topics. He brings a deepening of the subject with empathy, respect, good humor and tolerance. The podcast shows various arguments and views so that those on the other side form an opinion more concisely. The show airs every Friday at the end of the day. Did you like the podcast tips Spotify is bringing? Now is your time to bet on content with sound and look for an inbound marketing agency in São Paulo to put it into practice!