E-commerce (electronic commerce) must be updating to adapt to the new demands and habits of consumers and one of. The trends that is very strong is livestream shopping, that is, live purchases. Although video marketing has been gaining space in recent times, livestream shopping is another level, since it encourages direct interaction with consumers at the right time, which could revolutionize the e-commerce sector. Livestream shopping, a boom in China Livestream shopping, which promotes items in real time, is gaining ground especially in China. Through the Taobao platform, while in Latin America it has yet to take advantage of it. Which is why in this 2022 is a trend in digital marketing.

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that can be offere to customers, since it is a “live sale”, they interact with the brand, which represents added value for the strategy. User interaction with the streamer To carry out livestream shopping, the brand should preferably Betting Email List resort to so-called influencers to attract more users, which could also considerably increase  the conversion rate. In this practice, the host itself interacts with users when promoting or selling a product, which it also tests, which represents a plus for potential customers. During live sales, brands offer limited promotions, a practice that helps increase consumer interest, since discounts and offers are usually only applied during the event.


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Shopping is a worldwide trend this 2022, since it offers an experience similar to going shopping in physical stores, but from the comfort of your home. The purchase can be at the moment, so the saving of time is considerable. In China alone, it is estimated that it generates profits of around $137 billion dollars a year. In general, streamers are Email Lead not famous, although there are exceptions. One more characteristic of live shopping is. that it directly transmits the concept of the brand and humanizes it, by showing the product in a real way. Electronic commerce increased 230% in 2020 due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data from Statista, a firm specializing in statistics. Online sales had an exponential increase, since they went from 5 to 80% in just one week.