In Milan, for example, in the month of February,the “Gazzelle-mania

Was triggered , thanks to the guerrilla marketing experiment carried out by the well-known Roman singer-songwriter. To launch his latest album. Titled the 30-year-old artist has seen fit to disseminate vinyl copies of the work around the Lombard capital. Enclosed in traditional fire boxes, which bear the imperative we Belize Phone Number List know. Break in case of emergency”. And so it was because some fans had the courage to plunder the facility to take the record home and listen to it in preview.

The album “OK” by Gazzelle on the Navigli in Milan

Mission accomplished, Gazelles!

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On Instagram , the singer continued to tease the public, asking what was happening in Milan. Better ground for the release of a music album could not be prepared.

This isn’t the first time Gazelle has come out with a guerrilla marketing campaign. Last September, the single “Destri” was unveiled with the same originality. Also in Milan and, this time, also in the capital, posters were posted bearing a brief inscription. “It’s not my fault” it read on a white background, with no other indications. At first glance, many extravagant hypotheses elaborated. From the “mea culpa” of the respective mayors to the extreme act of a lover.

The answer came from the singer-songwriter, born Flavio Bruno Pardini. Who showed himself in front of those billboards in a post on social media, revealing the goal: the release of the song that contains the phrase “It’s not your fault” in the refrain my”.

Both examples demonstrate how important it is to feed music even offline, with the aim of selling, but above all of involving . Undoubtedly, the new generations consume Email Lead mainly thanks to the smartphone , from songs to television series, from shopping on e-commerce channels to digital reading. But all this is not enough to excite. In a year where artists haven’t taken the stage, some of them have devised unconventional ways to meet the audience and make that bond a little more physical.