The last method used by brands to find ambassadors is the simplest and most obvious one: applying through the brand’s social pages or website.

The revenge of normality

Whether you search by hashtag or using special software. Rather than the perfection of the best-known influencers.

By now, these figures are celebrities, they have lost the aura Russia Phone Number List of reality and instead projected into an ideal dimension. Which on social media – especially Instagram – is created ad hoc with discrete ease. Using profiles of “normal” users as ambassadors, then, is a great way for companies to advertise themselves by celebrating the beauty of normality.

The digital reputation, or online reputation. Is the set of data collected on the Net of a brand product or service. It is not a material asset it cannot be bought. But it can be earned over time through good web marketing practices.

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From SEO – an acronym for Search Engine Optimization – to the ADV tools of Facebook or Instagram, there are many ways to build a solid reputation. It takes time, a project. And constant effort to gain a good online presence and to obtain concrete results from effective strategies, such as user trust.

How to monitor your reputation?

The tools through which we can evaluate our digital reputation are Email Lead ourselves. The best semantic engine. Just log into any social network or browser to check and do an analysis. There are means that speed up this process, let’s figure out what functions they perform.

Google Alerts

It is a free service that allows us to monitor the keywords that interest us most. Just enter Google Alerts and enter the keyword. A list of results will appear and, by clicking on Create alert. We  able to set the frequency of our alerts, the region to which they belong. The address to which notifications sent.