Network. in Our Mrace® Model These Search Engine Advertising Channels Especially Affect Reach Which Is a Critically Important First Step in the Purchase Path of Your Target Group. in the Reach Phase Users Actively Search for Example Search Engines for Information About Their Needs Which Your Companys Product or Service May Offer an Answer To. in Addition to Reach Microsofts Advertising Channels Can Especially Influence the Convert Phase When Visitors Who Have Already Visited the Page Are Tried to Be

Activated Towards

Purchase Decision for Example by Remarketing in the Audience Network. Bing Ads Works with Exactly the Same Logic as in Google I.e. the Search Term You Choose for Advertising Starts for Example a Text Search Ad or Shopping Product business email list Ad When the User Performs a Bing Search. in the Future These Ads Will Presumably Appear in Increasing Numbers Also Within Bings Ai Chat. in the Traditional Search Results View the Ad Is Placed at the Top and Bottom of the Organic Search Results and on the Page and the Price of the

Advertising Is Determined

Based on the Click Like Google. Bing Search Results View. from the Point of View of the Advertiser However the Most Important  Email Lead Difference in the Advertising of These Two Search Engine Giants Comes from the Search Volumes Due to Their Different Market Shares. Lets Look at a Couple of Examples. Google Ads Forecast of the Search Volume for Example the Search Term “Mens Jackets” Is 4400 Searches Per Month in Finland. Google Ads Search Volume Forecast. Microsoft Advertisings Forecast for the Same Search Term