General type of marketing activity: The option you select here in Point One will be marked and if you have selected that option, it is likely that this step has been saved. Type of social activity: Single delivery: You can schedule normal shipments and add content manually.: You can choose to automatically post the latest content in your blog feeds without having to do anything manually.

For cold leads, well... don't cold them

If you use, your source will be the theme of the event: you can decide  latest database  to create a post from scratch, adopt – an idea for you or choose a template that you created yourself. In our example, we will select “ from scratch.”. – ideas provided Name and social profile: We choose the name of the event and the social profile that will publish the content:,, and or my business. Release date and time: We can choose one of the following options: Now: Release Now.

Conclusion and personal opinion

 At a specific date and time: it allows you to schedule the posting of your posts. Post content. We can add different content to each social network, add emojis, images and shorten links. On the right we will see a preview of each   Email Lead  profile we have selected. Publishing Arrangements: If you currently select the publish option, the post will be posted in real time. On the other You can find everything here to keep your business up to date.