The rise of messaging apps as a communication tool for both personal and business use has changed the game in recent years , and riding that wave is WhatsApp – one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp has over two billion active users , more than half of whom access the app on a daily basis. WhatsApp’s reach is one of many factors that make it every marketer’s best friend . So if your business isn’t already using instant messaging to connect with your audience, you’re missing out on a great channel for engagement and potential revenue. Not only does the app experience high usage, it also has very high levels of deliverability, with over 90% of WhatsApp messages being opened and read within 24 hours.

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Why is WhatsApp necessary for brands? As we’ve already said, WhatsApp is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve customer engagement and support with interactive conversational features and analytics. Thus, WhatsApp is the perfect channel for brands to interact with customers. Let’s take a look at the main benefits that businesses Australia Phone Number Data can enjoy when using WhatsApp: Achieve phenomenal engagement engaging-customers-in-a-new-way-unlock-the-power-of-whatsapp-with-inngage WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world, with more than 2 billion active users and 100 billion messages exchanged daily. This makes it a powerful tool for businesses to reach their customers and significantly increase their chances of top-notch engagement and recall.

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WhatsApp was designe for real-time communication, making it an ideal platform for businesses to interact with their customers. Thus, with the WhatsApp API, companies can automate responses to their customers, which will leave them engaged and satisfied. This feature includes welcome messages, after-hours messages, etc. Furthermore, with Email Lists WhatsApp auto-responder and WhatsApp notifications, businesses can effectively interact with their customers 24/7, even outside office hours or holidays. Personalized Experiences WhatsApp is a personal messaging platform, making it ideal for businesses to engage with customers in a personalized and context-rich way. With the ability to send personalized messages, businesses can create unique experiences for customers.