Servers are faster and more effective way. If that wasn’t enough, we also have Gutenberg plugins at our disposal that enrich its functions. gutenberg wordpress blocks plugins Gutenberg offers many different blocks that we can drag and drop when creating a new page or article. You can mention blocks such as paragraphs, headings, images or columns. However, it doesn’t end there. The best thing about the new editor is that developers can quite easily create their own block plugins for Gutenberg and thus greatly enhance its functionality. Regular users can enjoy additional benefits from this.

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Additionally offer the fastest hosting packages on the market. Do you think these are marketing phrases? Check it out for yourself. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. We will transfer your websites and stores for free!Free Gutenberg WordPress Block Plugins Gutenberg WordPress plugins It’s been a few months since the long-awaited Gutenberg appeared in WordPress . It replaces the previous TinyMCE editor and provides a Email Lead completely new way to create content. Its main idea is to edit content by adding, removing or changing blocks. Thanks to them. We can create attractive posts in a much more intuitive.

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In today’s entry, we will present the best Gutenberg plugins that will allow us to create even more advanced content. All mentioned plugins are, of course, completely free! Basic Gutenberg blocks After installing and activating the Gutenberg editor, we have several types of basic blocks covering many ‘content aspects’. They make it easy to add elements such as buttons, columns, tables, quotes, etc. In older versions Email Lead of WordPress – when the TinyMCE editor reigned supreme – we had to install additional plugins to enjoy this type of functionality.