The B2B buying journey has chang dramatically over the last year with COVID-19 accelerating the shift to digital and remote working arrangements. Companies that have not been able to adapt to Fuel the trust this change have lost sales and revenue opportunities. For companies operating in B2B sales therefore mapping the new customer purchasing journey. Will be essential to unlock growth even in the coming years. To hit growth objectives and create a shopping experience align with what customers ne sales managers must prioritize four specific areas.

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Creation of a single “revenue” team B2B strategies must align sales marketing service and customer B2b Leads success teams to help buyers complete critical steps in the process. This means completely removing the distinctions between sales marketing and customer service and consolidating resources into a single operations team with the goal of increasing revenue. B2b sales Fuel the trust of prospects To overcome organizational complexity . The main obstacle B2B buyers face in their purchasing journey

Companies must focus on creating

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A unique experience to build trust in customers’ decisions. Robert Blaisdell Senior Director Analyst at Gartner says. Trust is the belief on the part of customers that they have made the right choice in their purchasing decision. Our research shows that when B2B buyers have high levels of trust they are 3.6 times more likely to opt for a high-end Email Lead or “premium” offering. Customer engagement Companies must engage customers taking into account their preferences regarding the purchasing channel.