It is the transfiguration of Tarzan: like the king of the jungle, who without supernatural powers, only arm with a dagger, and dress simply in a suitable loincloth, faces a hostile environment, which at every moment confronts him with danger, Fernanda María launches to adventure and boldly faces the obstacles that destiny places in front of him. And these are not few. Work is sometimes scarce; political instability in Chile and El Salvador (countries where she has mov in search of opportunities) harasses her and her family; Marital conflicts darken her horizon. The tonsillitis that assails Tarzan (that is, Fernanda María) is the sudden self-awareness of vulnerability.

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Bas on a question from her little son, who wants to know if Tarzan has tonsils, Fernanda María notices the difficulties that she has fac and that she continues to face. Suddenly, she becomes clearly aware of the tumultuous swing with which her life, like an insignificant little paper boat, has been shaking. She’s safe for now, but for how much longer? Tonsillitis business email list takes the form of a deep depression, from which she manages to escape, but now aware of the absence of meaning in a life that hits when one least expects it. At the risk of sounding stuffy, one could say, paraphrasing some philosophical passage, that Fernanda María suddenly becomes aware of the abysses between which lies the path that she has travel with the serenity of a sleepwalker.

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Serenity that fades to give way to the recognition that life seems to follow a course already plann in advance: As she says, taking charge of the disagreement that, like an indelible sign, has mark the history of her relationship with Juan Manuel: « “The damn fault of fate that everything had come to screw it up.” (p. 62). Tarzan’s tonsillitis, that is, Fernanda Email Lead María and the awareness of her fragility, is the temptation to capitulate before the random attacks of life. In some letter, she writes to Juan Manuel: “Never call me Tarzan again because I am not one.” (p. 155) But, anyway, life goes on, and this woman has an enviable gift of recomposition.