The success of the Instagram business model

lies in the fact that one can go “viral” using effective images, whether they Brands have also are photos, graphics or videos, synthetic but well-studied copy and, the iconic feature of this application, the right hashtags.

In fact , by doing searches by hashtag and following those that interest them the most, the user can create real “thematic pages” , which collect all the contents of the same target.

If, for example, the interest is food, keeping an eye on Poland Phone Number List the hashtags #food, #instafood, #igfood or, again, #instafoodie, #foodbloggers and the like, you can find millions of posts containing them and as many profiles that deal with this topic, from the most to the least followed.

Using targeted and related hashtags is essential if you want Brands have also to try to go viral. Thanks to apps and sites to know the hashtags related to a theme, such as TagsFinder or best-hashtags , we can create a real list to which to resort according to the posts.

Ambassadors or Influencers.

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Brands have also realized the importance of targeted users Brands have also with similar hashtags to promote their products. This is how the ambassador is born , different from the influencer . On average, the influencer represents an almost unattainable lifestyle model and has a large number of followers who do not know him directly. The Email Lead ambassador, on the other hand, is a normal user with a following of more than 300 followers , many of whom are personal acquaintances, while the others found him through a hashtag search. It will therefore be much easier to retain this smaller pool by talking about companies accessible to all.