Do you know of a page that is successful.  To review it before designing ours. Behind these seemingly harmless questions there are many opinions about the convenience or inconvenience of these “inspiration exercises.” some validate them and others—including ourselves—see them as a politically correct way of saying: let’s copy the cool things, but let’s not be obvious. However, the purpose of this publication is not to discuss the good or bad of reviewing references, but rather about trends in web design. Well, for that purpose it is advisable to review what others have done and that is what we did.

To extract some design generalities that we will

For two weeks we spent visiting websites. To extract some design business email list generalities that we will present below. Shake yourself off from design out of vanity. Focus on creating simple, impactful, and easy-to-use experiences . Prevailing web design trends to talk about design, it is critical to understand that all assessments are based on individual aesthetic preconceptions. Therefore, everything said in this area ends up being an opinion. For the web case, all these opinions have evidence that reinforces them and others that refute them. Consequently, it is really difficult to be blunt when it comes to web design and we will not be. 

And opinions more than definitive theories

This is why for this article, more than examples. And opinions more Email Lead than definitive theories. our job was to observe and state. What we did was navigate to try to detect repetitive patterns, not with predictive intentions, but compiler ones. This observation process began with the primary understanding of the elements that make up a web design. What were those elements that we analyzed? There were nine in total: the general aspects of a design, spatial distribution, shapes, sizes, colors, typographic fonts, audiovisual supports, interactive effects and the tone or language of the content. 1. General aspects we begin the analysis of trends by reviewing the basic concepts of current design, which apply to websites and other pieces of graphic communication.