Create content that visitors are looking for and that matches the intent of the searches Optimize already creat content to better match visitors’ searches Finds and corrects areas on the site that weaken search engine results Get links to external sites that link to content creat on their own sites Monitor and report the development of results Today all content production. Today search engine optimization is above all content production. where the focus should be on producing content that is as useful as possible for visitors.

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The content must also be something¬† email list ¬† engines. The biggest mistake is to produce content that no one searches for or that does not respond well to the motives of the user’s search. Natural search engine results vs. paid ads When talking about Google results. it is also important to understand which are the so-call natural search engine results and which are classifi as paid ads. engine result with the search term “car rental”. Google search engine rankings with highlight paid and organic rankings. Before the natural search engine results.

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The number of ads varies from one Email Lead to four. the search term is among advertisers. After this Google presents 10 natural search engine results. after which additional paid advertisements may also appear. Especially the first three natural search engine rankings shown in that bring the most visitors from Google. Not all results are links to home pages Not all Google search engine results are links to home pages. but Google also displays other types of search engine results.