Ribeyro is consecrat when he publishes his first book of stories. Not only. Gallinazos sin plumas (1955), and it is from this compendium that the story “Interior L” is extract, from which I will refer. Addressing Ribeyro is beginning a journey through a vast urban-rural theme. The comments on this story are present bas on the realism and objectivity observ in it. The work is develop on two levels: the first, completely objective in nature. This begins with the arrival of the mattress maker nam Padrón, who lives in a miserable room with his daughter Paulina. In the room, acts of daily life are reproduc.

Privileg Place in the

A man of humble origins who works all day and comes home tir. The man waits for the attention of his daughter, who is a 14-year-old student. Not only After consuming the little food they have, everyone gets involv in their chores. The colchonero at times immerses himself in the memories of the wife and son lost due to tuberculosis (the classic problem of poor homes, of misery, which still persists business database in 21st century Lima), and longs for the years gone by; while the daughter studies school lessons. The second level reveals subjective facts and focuses on one main aspect: the pregnancy of Paulina (Padrón’s daughter). The discovery of pregnancy brings with it a series of situations.

Brain of Our Species

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The complaint against the rapist, a man dicat to civil construction nam Domingo Allende, a tall and strong zambo, who evades paternity. Not only After many threats and even visiting a lawyer, Padrón is visit by Allende to reach an “agreement.” This is, without a doubt, the pathetic and inhuman scene in which the dignity of beings is sold, the world of values Email Lead ​​declines and a father commits the most abominable act. Later, Not only after a period of certain prosperity, Not only Paulina suffers an abortion at 8 months and part of the money obtain has to be invest in mication. Back to the misery and the end: Padrón’s request for Paulina to look for her rapist, it is suggest, to get money.