That application instead of reading your copy can also lead to running sentences. Make sure you use commas or conjunctions and but because to combine sentences or split them into two shorter sentences. Or if you’re brave enough try semicolons. Check first if you’re not sure if you’re using the correct punctuation. Oxford commas For ambiguous sentences Oxford commas or running commas make them clearer. They are often used in lists where it is not clear how or whether the objects are connected An extra comma is required before and after eating or it can also be mispronounced This is technically called calling The comma comes from Latin for addressing someone.

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Unverified Facts Try double-checking facts like dates and times and the correct spelling of company names and products. Not everyone will notice these but It better be accurate. This is especially important for data-led content for journalists or for PR purposes. Now that we’ve covered some of the most common writing mistakes, how you can Photo Retouching proofread minus grammar read on for our editing and proofreading tips. Proofreading Tips and Checklists We’ve put together a guide to our favorite tips for proofreading and editing content. Grammar Hemingway Change Format Read Aloud Go Backwards Shelve.

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It Ask a Friend Use some tried-and-true methods here to spot typos and mistakes in your writing. Grammar is an absolute godsend not only for content authors but for anyone who has ever had to send an email. It flags grammatical errors, typos, and more Email Lead subtle things like verbosity and tone. You can even monitor how casual you are in email. But you should never rely on the app to catch all your bugs. Looking it up is not a substitute for a good understanding of grammar. It’s a productive use of your time as a writer. This is a skill worth developing. Hemingway I thought I was a decent copywriter and I posted my copy through the Hemingway app.