Hello, dear readers! It is with great pleasure that we launch our Newsletter here on our blog. Appy Hour is a relaxed time where we will discuss topics related to App Marketing, engagement and retention strategies, market news, app reviews and much more. Our approach will be personal and most importantly without the use of . To begin with, we chose an extremely important topic: mistakes made in engagement strategies. With more than 10 years of experience working with applications, I have witnessed numerous success stories, but I have also witnessed several mistakes, some of which I committed in the past, when the subject was not yet so widespread.

We will present three classic errors

Based on shocking statistics, to demonstrate the effect of these failures. appy-hour-an-analysis-about-common-mistakes-in-engagement-rules Mistake 1 – Not being immediate: The importance of the first few hours Many engagement strategies usually start only on the famous “d+1” (one day after the download), but the magic happens on Belgium Phone Number Data the first day. If a user has downloaded your app, it’s because they’re looking for something for today, not just for tomorrow or a few days later. Furthermore, he might be exploring various other app options. Therefore, waiting a day can result in a huge financial loss . An effective tactic is to create campaigns for the first few hours after download. Yes, different campaigns, as users will have performed different actions: Some didn’t use the app; Others experimented with some functionality; Few concluded important actions, such as a purchase or contracting a product. Therefore, it is essential to create appropriate messages for each group of users, encouraging them to take the next step in their journey towards achieving the long-awaited “AHA Moment”.

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Keep the following in mind

Users who haven’t used the app yet may be confused or haven’t had enough time to explore it. It’s important to impact them with campaigns that reiterate your value proposition and unique benefits. In the case of an e-commerce, this might not be the ideal time to send coupons. Users who have tried out some functionality may be testing out other apps or waiting for something specific to engage with. Keep reinforcing your value proposition with Email Lists a clearer call-to-action to drive them to the next step. A discount coupon or an exclusive offer can make the difference. Also, proceed with your campaigns after the “d+1”. These campaigns are crucial to nurturing users who haven’t yet progressed on their journey. Overall, after a day, only about 30% of users return to the app. Therefore, by acting early, you will have a much greater chance of success. Mistake 2 – Not Launching Before Signing Up: The Potential of Push Notifications and Personalization Many marketing and CRM teams come from email and SMS contact bases. However, in apps, the game is different.