Appointment reminders
Promotions on specific dates
Relevant notifications
Birthday congratulations
Think about those steps that you can track and accompany to facilitate communications with your users:

Remember passwords

Custom sender
Get to stand out even more thanks to the Turkey Phone Number List personalization of the sender so that your brand is present and even to facilitate the option of receiving responses and creating a conversational channel.

Receive messages
Don’t forget that you can create a conversational channel easily if you work with a platform that allows you to send and receive messages. This way, you can generate conversations and carry out surveys, for example.

Software companies benefit the most

Turkey Phone Number List

The possibility of integrating SMS sending via API into your software opens a universe of opportunities to engage in attractive conversations with your customers. However, it is also an essential functionality for all IT service providers, as it provides added value to your management and administration program. Thus, it is a channel to Kuwait Phone Number List take into account for all businesses that are dedicated to creating websites and applications, as well as those that provide sectoral software.

At SMS Publi we present a complete API that is simple and quick to integrate. It is scalable, secure and low latency and has the following advantages:

Strictly complies with data protection laws :
We carry out internal audits periodically to ensure said compliance.