4 tips to carry out your Black Friday campaign

Black Friday, one of the most important days of the year for many sectors. This last Friday of the month of November has become a very date both for consumers looking to find great offers, and for companies that take the opportunity to promote themselves through their communication channels: 58% of Spanish companies already use SMS for companies as a communication channel with their customers.

How to sell more this Black Friday?

It is the beginning of the Christmas campaign, 50% of consumers start looking for ideas for Christmas in October, and in addition, 56 % is the discount that Spanish consumers expect for this date. For all these reasons, below we share the main ideas so that you can develop a successful campaign.

1- and mobile technology to sell more on Black Friday
Social media is a key platform to inform customers of special offers and keep them with brands. They are also ideal for achieving more impact by functioning as a gigantic speaker: users can share Armenia Phone Number List your offers and expand their reach through Instagram stories, for example. But this is not all, did you know that 40% of users would be willing to receive text messages/SMS for Black Friday ? For this reason, more and more companies are using mobile technology to communicate with their customers through SMS for companies, since:

Take advantage of social networks

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You can customize the sender of your SMS, even send SMS by Google, providing greater security and trust for the user.
Send special landing pages for this campaign with images, videos, action buttons, etc. Make your campaign more attractive!
Schedule your campaigns to be sent on the date and time you want.
Measure your results with reports of your SMS campaigns in real time.

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