Considered a trend in the labor market. Therefore,  flexible hours have established themselves as a great ally for organizations and professionals. Therefore, as they allow work activities to be carried out in periods other than traditional ones . In fact, one of the great challenges that work-active people face is balancing professional, personal and family tasks, even in corporate positions, especially when they are strategic.  Therefore,Beyond the dissatisfaction derived from a stressful routine that often exceeds the “officially” established schedule . Therefore, working with rigid schedules has a negative impact on people’s well-being and health. Are you thinking about adopting the flexible schedule trend, but don’t know if it’s for you? Then you are in the perfect place, because in this post we are. Therefore, going to explain what it means to have a flexible schedule and much more. So do not go away!


What does it mean to work a flexible schedule

A flexible schedule consists of a work schedule. In other words, that can be adapted to people’s needs even when tasks are carried out at industry email list unconventional hours . In other words, For example, an employee can distribute his weekly workload of 40 hours by working more hours 4 days a week to replace the classic scale of 8 hours x 5 days. In the corporate environment, schedule flexibility implies rationality and proportionality of the two parties , as well as implementing actions that facilitate the adoption. For instance, of the new model and its compatibility with. For instance, organizational purposes . These measures include informing the manager of the work schedule, having digital communication channels and aligning daily. For instance, activities with teammates to ensure productivity and achieving the desired results.


What are the main advantages of flexible hours

Although the issue is becoming increasingly. In conclusion, present in the labor market , the truth is that there are many myths Email Lead about this issue, such as the risk of decreased productivity. In conclusion, lack of preparation to face challenges, and non-compliance. Now, the time has come to eliminate objections and consider adopting a schedule adaptable to your personal life considering the many positive points of a flexible schedule . Professional satisfaction Those who decide to work with a flexible schedule feel more satisfied and fulfilled. In conclusion, because they can adjust their schedules considering their availability and needs.