In Germany there is a saying Are you ready related to the world of football. Translated it would be. After that, something like “After the game, it is before the game.” You can apply this philosophy perfectly to the business this Christmas world. “After Christmas is before Christmas.” I have been preparing these. After that, dates since January 7 of this year.

Are you ready In your online store

If you start Are you ready now you may be a little late with some topics. Let’s see how you’re doing. Although it is complicated and even more. After that, so if you still have little data, you have to make a sales forecast. Depending on that, you will have to order products from your suppliers. Plan creatives executive email list that you will need to create the Christmas and Epiphany atmosphere in your store. A small change of look is not a bad thing and can encourage the purchase. Be clear about when you are. After that, going to launch campaigns on Facebook Ads and how much you are going to spend.

Sell on Amazon this Christmas

It’s my case, I don’t know if it will be yours. Many of the things apply in the same way. Let’s review. Ship inventory on time . The closer the date gets, the longer it takes for Amazon Email Lead to register it in your account and therefore it may arrive late for important dates. Raise prices on Black Friday.