The social community of a brand trendy online

How come if I have thousands of followers on my social channels. My products are bought or viewed by a few dozen. This is a question that anyone involved in promoting a brand has asked themselves at least once. It may seem like a simple question, in reality the answer is very complex and articulated. One of the factors that can help you convert your following into customers is whether or not you have an active community . In this regard, let’s talk about today’s topic: what do we mean by online community and why can it become decisive for the success of a business. Case studies, insights and examples to follow.

What meant by online community.

The concept of community refers to the idea of ​​community , i.e. a group of people in relation to each other and united by some shared elements. Sociology teaches us a lot about the characteristics of communities, from Antiquity to today, but what we are interested in dwelling on is what we mean by online community.

In this case, in fact, we indicate a group of people who feel Indonesia Phone Number List connected by a topic in virtual spaces . If a central place for physical communities can be the square or cultural or social centres, for communities the meeting places are blogs. Facebook groups, newsletters, the web in general. Those who are part of a community recognize themselves as such on the basis of common interests and values ​​and look for different points of view, advice and ideas in those who are similar.

Often these groups of people bond spontaneously

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Starting from a common interest. An example of a community of this type is the Facebook group cucinemale which has over users. Who here know they can share all the disasters combined in the Email Lead kitchen. Almost a million people united “against” the always perfect cuisine, #foodporn and other trends that are trendy online.

The social community of a brand trendy online
It’s not simply a question of a company’s target group or even of all customers. The community is rather the group of active people who support the brand’s activity, who perceive it as close to their own needs and values. In this sense, it helps to improve engagement on company channels and, as a consequence, loyalty to the proposed product.

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