The All-Encompassing New Orleans, along with surrounding areas in Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, and Plaque mines Parish, all share one primary area code: 504. This iconic code has been around since the original Bell System designations in 1947, making it a true piece of telephone history.

When to Use the 504 Area Code

Calling someone located in New Orleans or the surrounding parishes mentioned above.
Connecting with a New Orleans business.
Adding a local touch to your business phone number if you’re operating in the area (great for marketing!).

Beyond 504: A Glimpse into Neighboring Areas

While 504 covers a large chunk of the New Orleans area, some outlying areas have different codes. Here’s a quick breakdown:

225: Used in parts of Jefferson and St. Tammany Parishes (north of New Orleans).
985: Covers areas like Terrence and Nigeria TG Number Data Launcher Parishes (south of New Orleans).
Finding the Right Number: Resources for Your New Orleans Calls

Online Directories Websites like

Allow you to search Kazakhstan Phone Number List for phone numbers by business name or location.
Company Websites: Most businesses will display their phone numbers prominently on their websites.
Local Information Services: Dial 411 from your phone to connect with a directory assistance service may incur charges.