What is a web hosting or web server?
It is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the Internet where you can host all kinds of files and that are accessible on the Internet.

The most common use of a hosting is to create a web page.

What should you take into account when hiring a hosting

Space Limit and Monthly Transferthe Monthly Whatsapp Mobile Number List Transfer, Also Known as “Web Traffic”, is Linked to the Number. Of Visits That Your Website Receives. Since When a User Visits You, Your Website Loads a Certain Amount of Data Such as Texts. Videos and Images, Which Make the Web Page May Be Viewable.

These Data Are Added Day by Day, and the. Resulting Final Figure, at the End of Each Month. Is the Monthly Transfer. The Higher. The Monthly Transfer Limit That Your Hosting Plan Has, the More Visits You Can Receive.

The amount of transfer depends on the size of your website, so it is interesting to optimize all the data and compress the data through the GZPI to achieve a lower weight of our page.

As for the space on the server, it is the amount of data that you can host on your hosting. I recommend at least 1GB and that it be an SSD.

The location of the provider is usually essential to receive adequate

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Support and help, there are providers defined only Email Lead in Spain, for example, other hosting providers that provide services throughout America, some global and others more specific such as hosting in Venezuela . They are all providers that can help you and it is up to you to select the best one.

internal and external security
A hosting must have internal security measures against malware that could infect your website and external security against attacks that could damage the stability of your server.