Dialing the 585: Unveiling Have you encountered a phone number with a 585 area code? You’re not alone! This code serves a vibrant region in New York State, and understanding it is key for seamless communication. So, buckle up as we delve into the world of 585 and equip you to navigate phone calls in Western New York!

The Birth of 585: A Split for Progress

The 585 area code is a relatively young code in the grand scheme of things. Established in November 2001, it arose from an area code split. Previously, the Vietnam TG Number Data bustling city of Rochester and surrounding areas shared the 716 area code. With the growing population and demand for new phone numbers, the creation of 585 ensured efficient phone number allocation within the region.

Where Does 585 Reign?

The 585 area code proudly serves as the primary code for a significant chunk of Western New York, encompassing:

Rochester: The heart of the region, renowned for its museums, strong cultural scene, and technological innovations.
Monroe County: The county encompassing Thailand Phone Number List Rochester and surrounding suburbs.
Eight Additional Counties: The 585 area code stretches its reach into Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, Livingston, Ontario, Yates, Steuben, and Allegany counties.
Identifying a 585 Number: Beyond the Area Code

Once you recognize the area code, a 585 phone number follows the standard North American format:

Area Code (3 digits): In this case, 585.
Central Office Prefix (3 digits): This identifies the specific switching center that routes your call.
Subscriber Number (4 digits): This unique sequence identifies the individual phone line.